Beauty Parlor Wisdom

Beauty Parlor Wisdom

Who needs a therapist when you can visit the beauty salon? The team behind the best- selling Taxi Driver Wisdom offer Beauty Parlor Wisdom, a collection of weird, witty, and often hilarious quotes gleaned from actual hairdressers, manicurists, and beauticians across the country. These modern-day Freuds offer insights into aging gracefully, the differences between women and men, fulfilling your dreams, and of course, the meaning of hair and nails.

Colorful photographs punctuate each message, and the puffy red cover evokes hours of beautification in the salon chair. With its salt-of-the-earth wisdom from the experts in beauty, this book will make readers feel as good as they look after a great session at the salon.

Sharp snippets Scissors psychology; Stylists know more than a hair

 "Beauticians are a fount of wisdom," Mickenberg says. "Most of the stylists have regular customers they get to see, some their whole lives. So if the stylists give advice, they know if it works out. . . . They have this on-going relationship with their lives like a therapist."

Mickenberg visited parlors in New York, Connecticut and Miami for strands of wisdom about everything from beauty to life itself. Among the snippets in her book.

 -- "You can see a person's whole life in their hair."

-- "You don't lose your looks. You give up on them."

-- "You always want to look good enough to feel comfortable running into your ex."

Alas, Mickenberg never talked to any beauticians in the Midwest. Surely Milwaukee stylists also possess cutting-edge canniness about life.

Scissors psychology

Here, then, is some Milwaukee Beauty Parlor Wisdom to guide you until your next appointment.

"Some women truly believe that if they get just the right haircut, the rest of their lives will fall into place."

Laurence Seybold, owner of Carenza Color Cutting Experience, Brookfield

-- "If a woman doesn't change her style within her first five years after high school graduation, she won't likely change for 15 to 20 years."

Parlor: Are you looking for the latest and accurate advice pertaining to beauty

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An interesting tip to pursue when offered help or advice concerning a beauty page is to verify the ownership of the website. This may reveal the operators beauty identifications The easiest way to reveal who owns the beauty web site is to find the sites 'about' page.

Any reputable site providing information about beauty, will almost certainly provide an 'about' webpage which will record the site owner's contact details. The info should make known a number of indications about the owner's skill and understanding. This means you can conduct an appraisal about the site owner's knowledge and skill, to offer recommendations concerning beauty.

Beauty Parlor Wisdom- Brief Article

 WHO DOESN'T REMEMBER IT? There was your mother, grandmother or even a great-aunt at the mirror, cleansing her face with a bar of Castile soap or a rich, fragrant cold cream. Later, as she stood behind you at the mirror, it was almost as if you saw your unique beauty for the first time, guided by her eyes. We cared for this gift with the nurturing rituals passed down through generations. Beauty basics began with cleansing our skin with a good nubby washcloth. This gentle exfoliation revealed a glowing complexion, smooth to the touch.

THESE DAYS, keeping skin smooth and radiant requires no extra elbow grease. Just a few years ago, we used exfoliating scrubs and pastes to slough off dry skin and later, alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin and improve texture and tone. Sharing the skin-care spotlight today is vitamin C to fight rough or aging skin. The right facial cream or serum can reduce the appearance of fine lines and make skin looks smooth and radiant. Try Sears Circle of Beauty's Skinplicity Day Life Vitamin-C Age Fighting Moisturizer or Helena Rubenstein's Force C Premium Serum.

Beauty Salon In holds the verity that the term, beauty salons refer to the particular place where people visit in order to receive beauty treatment and are the ideal place for purchasing beauty products. Beauty salons are the perfect place where a man or a woman visits regularly to enhance their beauty.

 SITTING ON THE FLOOR between loving knees and getting our scalps massaged and "greased" while learning lessons in living was a priceless experience. Here pearls of wisdom were shared. If we drifted off to sleep, a nudge kept us from missing anything that was said. And as whiffs of bergamot and shared confidences mingled in the air time almost stood still.

ENJOY THE RELAXING PLEASURE--as we did back in the day--of a moisturizing scalp massage that stimulates the flow of blood to the roots and nourishes the hair. A good massage begins with small circular motions of the fingertips, starting at the hairline and moving back toward the base. Today, new scalp products like Rene Furterer's Complex 5 Scalp Conditioner are the perfect beginning to a weekly shampoo. Monthly scalp care stays on point with Phytospecific's Revitalizing Treatment for additional conditioning, and moisturizers like African Pride's Ginseng Miracle Wonder Oil control itching and flaking.

our crown

WHETHER YOU WERE OFF to the beauty parlor for a shampoo, press and curl or touch-up or simply stepping into the kitchen for plaits, Saturday was the day to get your hair done. Everyone wanted the sister who could give you a "hard press" and was said to have "growing hands," or the one who could work a perm straighter than straight without your scalp on fire. And your mama could catch up your kitchen in those tiny plaits, she could find herself braiding everybody's child.

MORE THAN THE LATEST fashions, our signature. And the latest products and put head-turning do's--au naturel, relaxed, braided, locked, weaved--at our fingertips. Styling tools and product like Gold `N Hot's Straightening Iron, J.F. Lazartigue Essential's Styling Gel and Soft & Beautiful's Conditioning Relaxer with HMC, set us straight. Inspired by the Motherland? With Carol's Daughter's Mimosa Hair Honey to maintain shine, we stay hue to our natural spirit.

bathing beauty

DAYS OF MAKING A WAY OUT of no way were brought to a close by the sound of water rushing from an old spigot, filling the tub. We welcomed the refreshing scent of a big bar of soap, and occasionally dropped in a handful of Epsom salts to ease muscle tension. As we settled back into warm healing waters, the cares of body, mind and spirit were soaked away.

NO LONGER LIMITED to a bar of soap and Mr. Bubble, bathing has become our passport to pampering and wellness, We can now take a lesson from the finest spas to create our own luxurious sanctuaries at home with Spa Concept's Herbal Tub Teas, aromatic oils like Decleor's Aromessence Bath and Non-Foaming Seaweed Bath and Bath Bloomers Flowering Pastilles. Retreat into a whirlpool of foamy

water splashed with drops of a fragrant little something as shadows from flickering candles dance on the walls. Add serenading sounds from a soothing CD for a relaxing ritual sure to please. Immerse yourself in the art of bathing.

fragrant memories

THERE WAS A TIME when stepping out meant never leaving home without a dab of your signature scent. And throughout the ages, fragrance has been an integral part of our lives. From the incense burned under the marriage bed in our Motherland to the scented handkerchief Grandma tucked in her bosom, using fragrance was always an intimate pleasure.

OUR USE OF FRAGRANCE TODAY reflects our many moods and lifestyles in not only signature scents but also in candles, aromatherapy and incense. New fragrances are designed to fit every mood and whim--spicy for a cozy holiday rendezvous, musk for passion, citrus for a warm retreat. Some sisters take the wearing of fragrance ice to the next level, changing their scent as often as everyday to reflect and affect their outlook and attitude. And even the formulations are flexible. Toss a solid fragrance into your pocket, place some fragrant oil in your hair or spray on a classic eau de toilette. Wardrobe your aromatic options with Coty's Dulce Vanilla, Van Cleef and Arpel's Birmane, Avon's Precise or Iman's Essence of Iman Luxurious Mist for a new fragrance that's heaven-sent.

The Beauty Parlor Wisdom To Invest In Quality

When looking at a work of art, what spontaneously draws ooohhs and aahhs from within you? Uniqueness, quality and originality vibrating!

Quality resonates with the finest aspects of one's being, creating a stabilizing effect on the emotions and leaving a fragrance of deep satisfaction. When designing the interior of a residence, hotel, or public area, a master designer will infuse the area with these qualities.

The foundation for all interior design decisions is the floor, followed by the walls. These areas are not just to be hidden by furniture and ornaments of various kinds - they are the essence of the entire atmosphere and deserve an unflinching priority in the eyes of those who view them. Furniture and ornaments can easily come and go - and will. Quality interior design of the floors stands alone, allowing one to emphasize that which has stability - lasting-power.

What creates uniqueness, originality and quality in a floor? Your best investment is marble - onyx - granite -- meticulously hand-assembled and crafted in a pattern created by a master designer. When the finest marbles, which come in thousands of gradations of colors, are enhanced with exotic stones, you have a masterpiece that transforms an ordinary building into a palace.

Marble and natural stone borders, again exquisitely designed, can surround a room or hallway on either the floor or the walls. They graciously resonate with every room they touch, always vibrating in tune with the surroundings, infusing the qualities of nature.

A master designer knows that investing in a marble entryway floor can create a melody of harmony, peace and joy to all who enter, transforming their moods, enlivening their joy and creativity. Yet, other areas also delight in natural stone floors. The bathroom! Without an equal when designed by a master, the bathroom floor beckons as an irresistible invitation to bathe in luxury. Here again, marble, onyx, and granite designed into a high-quality, yet affordable, medallion or pattern, are an investment in pure quality.

Dining areas display the beauty of natural stone floors in a useful, easy-to-care-for style. Whether in a private residence, a pizza parlor, or the grand ballroom in a hotel, when friends join together for dining or snacking they are influenced by a floor that reflects an atmosphere of excellence.

Originality, the uniqueness infused by a master designer, makes the difference in the end quality of any natural-stone floor. While modern-day use of water-jet technology makes cutting marble and onyx into tiny, precise patterns an efficient process, only a master designer can create the pattern that allows the water-jets to do their part. And, once cut, the thousands of tiny pieces need to be meticulously hand-placed by a human craftsperson. These two artists will never be replaced by a machine. Their talents create quality, natural-stone floors that have a unique beauty plus stability and lasting-power.

Investing in quality makes owners proud of their accomplishment, their decision to create an effect that will endure for decades to come, bringing beauty to the lives of all.

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