Beauty Parlor Equipment

Beauty Parlor Equipment

The essential hair salon equipment consists of styling and shampoo chairs, washbasins, hair dryers, mirrors and trolley carts. The equipment is purchased at sales or directly from the local outlets. A few salons choose to purchase basic, reasonably priced, equipment that is the bare essential. Others choose to purchase equipment that enhances the quality assured by them. There are many salons that purchase designer equipment.

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A Guide to Beauty Parlor Equipment

Most beauty salons offer basic hair cutting and hair styling services. The basic beauty salon equipment necessary to provide these services consists of hair styling chairs, wash basins, hair dryers and supply trolleys. Basic types of salon equipment are available through a large number of suppliers that offer it at a low cost. This “low end” type of beauty salon equipment is simplistic with no added features that can be costly.

Due to popular demand, many salons are expanding to offer day spa services to their clients. Day spa services aim to pamper the client and assist them in the pursuit of mental relaxation. Day spa services often include manicures, pedicures, tanning, skin care, waxing, and massage. These services all require the use of specific equipment. This beauty salon equipment is also readily available through a variety of suppliers, many of whom have elaborate e-commerce Web sites and online catalogs that allow a customer to make quick cost comparisons between suppliers.

Day spa equipment tends to include various features that enhance client comfort and provide relaxation. The cost of day spa equipment can be extremely varied. When purchased new, items such as tanning booths, tanning beds, and pedicure spas can cost thousands of dollars. To save money, a salon owner may choose to purchase used beauty salon equipment. There are many suppliers who specialize only in offering quality used beauty salon equipment. If a consumer conducts sufficient product research and ensures they are purchasing used beauty salon equipment from a reputable supplierArticle Search, they can obtain equipment at tremendous cost savings. The money saved can then be invested in their business and used to attract new clients.

Portable Hair Beauty Parlor Equipment

Many salons are expanding the services and now offer home- visits. It is very important for beauticians to carry around portable hair salon equipment. These are easy to handle and light in weight. When particular services are offered, the required salon equipment has to be purchased. Portable salon equipment does not come cheap. Most of the hair salon equipment, such as hair rollers, hair dryers, hair crimping equipment and even hair extension equipment are portable.

Many people also indulge in buying portable hair salon equipment to use at home as it falls cheaper and is considered to be a one-time investment. The equipment is very easy to maintain and use.

There are beauticians who offer home- visits. They charge slightly more than regular parlor services. These beauticians carry portable hair salon equipment. They are extremely handy and are made to be functional in a client's house. Heavy equipment, found in salons, is difficult to be carried around. Mobile salon equipment makes it easy and convenient for the beauticians.

There are a growing number of retailers that specialize in selling portable hair salon equipment. Many of these retailers are easily found online. This equipment is considered to be a good investment for a salon owner. Portable salon equipment is a wise choice because it enables beauticians to work on holidays also. The equipment helps the quality assured in the salon to be available at home too.

Detailed Information About Beauty Parlor Equipment

Beauty salon equipment is an essential part of every beauty salon. Without it, no salon can work. Be it for taking care of hair, face, body, skin, or feet, beauty equipment is a must. Thankfully, to help us in setting up a good salon, beauty salon equipment is offered by hundreds of companies in the market.

Before setting up a beauty salon, we need equipment. Such equipment includes salon chairs and stools, salon stations, shampoo bowls, styling chairs, hair steamers, reception furniture, and facial beds among many other things.

Truly amazing equipment can be sought at Iowa Beauty & Barber Supply which offers vanities, styling chairs, desks, and a lot more at its American Equipment Division.

Although equipment is usually sold individually, there are some companies which offer salon packages for starters like ‘4 station starter package’ which includes styling chairs, styling stations, shampoo units, and hair steamers. Such packages not only provide the basic equipment, but are also cheaper than the items bought individually.

Other packages include ‘deluxe facial room package’ which costs around $2599, and includes electric facial chair, facial care, hot towel warmer, and many more things.

Some brands which make good beauty salon equipment include TISPRO, Jeffco, Hotspa, GiGi, and many others.

Jeffco has an immense collection of salon equipment like chairs, stations, manicure tables, shampoo units, strainers, and much more. While styling chairs cost around $500 or more, backwash shampoo units can cost around $1650. However, shampoo bowls cost much less, around $140 dollars.

Bob’s Beauty Supply also provides branded equipment for salons. Some of its brands include Andis, Wahl, Aster, and Graham besides others.

Equipment is generally costly, but sometimes it can be bought at wholesale or discounted rates from some companies. Wholesale and discounted equipment can be got at Equipment for Salons and Wholesale Salon Equipment among others.

Sally Beauty, AAA Spa Depot, Cache Beauty, AB Salon Equipment, Bob’s Beauty Supply, Daytona, IBBEArticle Submission, and KFI Beauty Supplies are some other places where one can find beauty salon equipment.

Buying Wholesale Beauty Parlor Equipment

Buying salon equipment from a wholesaler is one option to consider when opening a new hair, nail or tanning salon. Wholesalers of salon equipment typically offer many different styles and brands of equipment because they don’t specialize in one particular brand over another. This allows the consumer many options when equipping their business.

Many wholesale suppliers of salon equipment are available online and consumers are able to quickly and conveniently browse through online catalogs to determine which equipment best suits their business needs. Many of these wholesalers also offer free shipping to entice consumers to make a purchase.

Wholesale suppliers can also offer lower prices than smaller businesses that specialize in beauty equipment. They often carry a very large inventory and possess the power to make bulk purchases, allowing them to offer deeper discounts to their customers. Wholesale suppliers also offer financing or leasing options to the customer. This is a convenient way to allow business owners to grow their business, especially during the start up phase. Typically, wholesale salon equipment comes with a warranty that may vary from a standard 3-year warranty to a lifetime warranty -- which is typically attached to more expensive equipment. It is also important to ensure that wholesale salon equipment may be returned or exchanged if it is found to be substandard or defective.

In addition to the general cost savings of purchasing wholesale salon equipment, consumers may further save money if they purchase wholesale salon equipment that is offered as clearance. Many wholesale suppliers offer a selection of clearance equipment at deeply discounted prices. This equipment may have a low turnover rate and the supplier wishes to quickly liquidate the items. Consumers can save significantly when buying new items that are offered on clearance.

Wholesale suppliers can offer a consumer great savings on wholesale salon equipment. Prior to making a purchase, it is important to conduct research. Ensure you are purchasing from a reputable supplier that offers a solid return or exchange policy. If the policy being offered is inadequate or is not easily understood Feature, it may be a wise decision to purchase elsewhere.

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