African American Women Beauty Tips

African American Women Beauty

"Black is beautiful" encompasses a wide array of meanings and contexts. It does not only pertain to racial colors or social stratification. Black is beautiful in all essences of black's omnipresence. Black cat, black suit, black pants, black dress, black bag, black shoes, black sheets, black car, black walls, black undergarments, black tops, black shirts, black pen --everything black is truly beautiful.

For Black women, concealers and powders should have a yellow undertone. As we discussed in last week's column, finding the right shade of foundation can be a bit tricky, but, once you've discovered the foundation color and type that works best for you, you will be so happy and the rest of your make-up application will go so much easier. If you top your liquid foundation with powder, once again, that loose or presswed powder should be yellow-based - do not use white "translucent" powder, which claims to be colorless - it will make your skin look dry and ashy.

African American Beauty Tips

Women of color now have more options to look beautiful, as companies realize the potential to offer quality products and good service to ethnic market with products especially tailored to her needs, because women of color want to feel welcome at the cosmetics counter, instead of ignored by companies, as happened until today..

African American women usually have sensitive, oily skin that scars easily, so products powdery based can look chalky and ashy on darker complexions, while pink pigmented products are unflattering to ethnic skin tones. Skincare basics include a good understanding of the role of Melanin in your skin.

Today, more companies are producing cosmetics for ethnic skin and hair, including natural and mineral lines that cause less harm to your very special beauty, including bleaching creams, oil reduction products and sunscreens, disregard of color, African American women should all wear sun protection.

Your skin needs special attention to unify skin tone when it comes to applying makeup, downplaying overly prominent features and focusing on the upper third of the face. Learn to get the best from your face by knowing its structure of your facial features and the evenness of your natural skin color to create a great look.

Never apply oil based products trying to make your makeup last longer, because dark skin has a tendency to reject all makeup. Melanin pigment protectors start getting tired with age, shown on the skin as irregular pigmentation, dark patches, age spots and lines.

Hide uneven skin tone by using concealer and powder that is transparent or slightly colored to avoid the shinny look. A foundation tone that is between the lightest and darkest coloring of your skin, is the most convenient for you.

African hair is the curliest hair, and many women of color suffer hair damage from chemical treatments and heat styling, and also having problems finding foundation and makeup colors that are at the same time flattering.

Black hair is also the driest and the most fragile, so ethnic woman must skip grease and wash their hair every three weeks using a gentle shampoo, especially formulated to impart moisture while removing hair-dulling product buildup. Women of color are tired of have been told for decades that grease is essential for their hair.

Or in other words, you can have healthy hair, beautiful and easy to style whether you wear it straight, curly, wavy or in a natural Afro, however the curlier the hair, the drier it tends to be. Moisturizing your dry hair, will make it easy to repair damaged hair helping your hair to grow long.

Avoid over blow drying your hair because the hot air causes fried ends and severe damage through prolonged use. Do not use blow dryers, curling irons or hot-combs that dry your hair. Try brushing your hair out instead for a natural style.

Moisturize your hair using a product that penetrates the cuticle to create shine, for example a pure essence oil, such as lavender oil, almond oil, or even dropping on it vitamin E messaging gentle. Keep your hair healthy by trimming the ends every four months.

For Women of color may be harder to detect split ends, particularly on textured hair than on straight strands, but easily to get them away if you keep your hair longer, or make the regular trimming a routine.

Never scratch your scalp because you can cut the skin, making favorable for an assortment of bacteria. In such a case, relieve the itch by swiping the scalp with an astringent-soaked pad or cotton ball, cleansing the scalp of oily buildup while re-energizing your skin.

Having curly hair does not mean that you should wear in just a very few different styles. If you want to look different and yet original try the Senegalese twists, an easy to do hair style, cute and fresh, suitable the entire year round, just part your hair horizontally from earlobe to earlobe to get center part.

Now, working back from your forehead, start twisting narrow sections of your hair flat against your scalp, and picking up more strands each time as you move back like when cornrowing, and end pinning each twist at the horizontal part, leaving the back totally wild and loose.

The secret to African American skin is to understand the many undertones in dark skin

It's important to know your own skin and choose shades that best complement your natural tones. Black skin care is just as easy to follow as any other skin care. Different types of skin simply use different skin care and makeup products.
African American Beauty


African American beauty starts with using colors that complement your skin tones. Choose a foundation shade that exactly matches your skin tone to avoid a chalky-looking complexion.

You may need two, possibly three shades if your skin tone varies.


Use a cream concealer with a yellow base that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone.


Pink and plum shades of blusher beautifully complement darker skins. Start at the fullest part of the cheek (directly below the center of your eyes) and using a large blusher brush, extend the color up towards your temple. Make sure you blend in well at the hairline.

Eyebrow color

Find an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder the same shade as your natural brows then pencil in with short, light strokes upwards and outwards. Avoid using black as this looks unnatural.

Eye shadow

Shimmery eye shadows look great with dark skin. Depending on the color palette you are wearing, brush a lighter toned eye shadow on to your eyelid, extending out the the edge of your eyes.

Using a darker shade, brush your eye shadow into the crease of your eye, using a slight upwards movement at the end of your eye to really open them up.

You may choose to add a toning color just under your brow.


Start by applying mascara to your upper lashes first. Brush them downwards then brush them upwards from underneath to achieve a totally fabulous effect. Use a tiny zig-zag motion to prevent mascara from clogging.

Next, use the tip of your mascara wand to brush your lower lashes using a side-to-side technique.


Depending on the color lipstick you are wearing, line your lips with a matching lipstick pencil. Blend the line lightly into your lips with a cotton bud for a softer effect.

Pinkish-brown or berry lipstick colors give a natural sheen to your lips. Apply your lipstick with a lipstick brush for a professional finish.

You may wish to finish off the total effect with a touch of pink-toned lip gloss.

African American Beauty Hair and Ponytails Tips

Girls and ponytails seem to go hand and hand. Here are a few tips to avoid pig tail disaster.

  • Do not use rubber bands to secure her pony tails, instead use elastics and covered bands. Rubber bands can cause undue breakage and damage.

  • Remember to ALWAYS remove the pony tail holders before bed time.

  • Make sure you braid (or twist) the hair completely…all the way to the ends. Exposing the ends to environmental elements will guarantee split ends.

  • I recommend adding a coat of leave in conditioner to the ends before braiding for extra protection. Remember, the ends are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair. They require extra attention.

Top Tips For African American Bridal Beauty

Just because there are a million things to plan for your big day doesn't mean you can ignore your beauty routine or put off starting one. Dealing with bad skin, broken nails and brittle hair the day of your wedding can be a nightmare.

Professional salons recommend beginning your beauty program 6 months in advance. Here are their 10 ways to be sure you look your best.

1. Set your beauty budget. Look for special bridal packages offered by salons and spas.

2. Book necessary appointments well in advance. A good hairstylist is worth his/her weight in gold.

3. Discuss the type of cut and color that will best suit your face and hair, and keep it in mind when you buy your headpiece.

4. If you're considering a chemical process like a perm or color, have it done now so you can see if you like it.

5. Start using a nail strengthening treatment now. It's also a good time to lose nasty nail habits like biting and polish-peeling!

6. Select a makeup artist, or schedule a makeup lesson with a pro while you've got time to practice.

7. Begin a skin-care regimen. Consider consulting a dermatologist or aesthetician to help you clear up any persistent problems and get a recommended program for your skin type.

8. Start waxing legs. Repeated waxing actually thins hair growth.

9. Begin a fitness routine emphasizing a low-fat diet and plenty of exercise.

10. Remember that extreme weight changes can wreak havoc on your looks and health, so this probably isn't the time for drastic dieting.

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