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A SLOW tribute to the beauty of asian/european girls

is it just me or am i liek the only one who dousent find gooks appiling :S
they arnt that atractive
i mean they are slightly
but hell we have none of those type here in australia they all live in japan lol
but yeah really they just dont seem attractive and beautiful to me
i like aryan (white, europian decent) girls, like my ex her familys line gose to germany and finland were mine come from germany and irland :D lol
and my ex befor her her family came from iralnd and poland
hail the aryan race :D
hail the aryan race :D
Hahah, no I kind of agree with you coffin-feeder. The girls Badwolf posts are good looking, but not the type I prefer.
European for me. But not white blonde, kind of over that. Dark haired :)
Badwolf needs to make a thread like this for European, maybe Italian or French girls. I'm not saying they're better but I just prefer that type.
Basically it's a all a matter of preference, normally white guys go for white girls and Asian guys go for Asian girls etc etc.
BTW gook is bloody racist, and not only that it refers to one type of Asian, Vietnamese

A tribute to the beauty of Asian women

So, I was cruising for babe pics and ran across a rather large thread in another forum entitled "A tribute to the beauty of Asian girls!" Naturally, I decided to rip out the choice pics for posting here. Last I looked, the thread was 257 pages long. I'm currently up to page 90 or so. Anyway, I had enough pics that I decided to go ahead and start posting.
Here are a couple sexy but brief flash movies:://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=akibanner10us.swf
Here's an 830MB movie. It's Japanese model Yuko Hamano doing various photo shoots:
Here's a 167MB movie of Chinatsu Wakatsuki and Sayaka Isoyama - also doing photo shoots but with some still photos mixed in, too:
dark week/chinatsu-wakatsuki/Chinatsu_Wakatsuki-Sayaka_Isoyama-SabraBest.mpg
[edit] Don't download the movies hoping for content that can't be posted here. They're just PG.
[edit 2] Many of the pics in this thread can be downloaded in batch from rapidshare.de. See this post for details:
This black kid needs a tan: _derived/physicalapp.htm_txt_albino.gif :lol:
But anyways, I don't know, but ever since probably September I've just had a "thing" for Asian girls. Being a black person, everyone expects me to like black women, but **** that, Asian girls all the way :bang: . In general they're cool as hell and REALLY cute. I love Asian chicks!
*goes to bookmark thread*
Oh can somebody up some Filipino chicks?
Awesome. And you used to whine about how ugly you thought they were.
Does it feel liberating to finally realize the truth that Asian women do, in fact, look greatDoes it feel liberating to finally realize the truth that Asian women do, in fact, look great?
:lol: Yess, I have seen the light. I know alot of Filipino girls at my school, and ALOT of them are fine as hell, or at least cute. As a matter of fact, on a board I frequent,  I copied and pasted this thread on there :lol:
Asian girls>>>>>>>>>all other girls :bang:

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